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The Tui
27 May 2015

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Chili and Lime
9 September 2012

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An Elephant?
8 July 2012

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17 September 2011

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Laura Looks On II
25 April 2011

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Stack of logs
3 December 2010

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Bridge of Peace
20 September 2010

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Ginko Yellow II
15 June 2010

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Taranaki from the Air
28 January 2010

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6 January 2010

Recent Comments

Benkirane Thami on The Moody Moerakis
Impressionnants ces rochers! Excellente composition!

Ana Lúcia on The Moody Moerakis
Nice rocks shapes.

yoshimiparis on The Moody Moerakis
I liked the monochrome version but I prefer it which has more contrasts according to my idea

Darkelf Photography on The Moody Moerakis
I like the contrast in this version but still prefer the mono take on the Moerakis. For me mono just fits the mood a ...

yoshimiparis on The Moeraki Boulders
beautiful framing, we could not have done better

Darkelf Photography on The Moeraki Boulders
One of my favourite places on south island of NZ. I like the composition and perspective here. Great positioning of the ...

Dutchess on The Moeraki Boulders
Remarkable boulders! Beautiful toning!

Jerry on The Moeraki Boulders
I've been on a lot of beaches but never seen anything like these boulders. Thanks for sharing and the narrative.

Ralf Kesper on The Moeraki Boulders
This "balls" looking awesame.

Libouton Martine on The Moeraki Boulders
J'adore superbe ta photo 5*

Existence Artistique on The Moeraki Boulders

yoshimiparis on Mangatini
impressive! From here we can hear the tumult of the water

Darkelf Photography on Mangatini
I don't think we have seen this waterfall. I might have to put it on the list for the next visit, whenever that ...

Ralf Kesper on Mangatini

Existence Artistique on Mangatini

Darkelf Photography on Chocolate Sunset
Gorgeous sky with fantastic colours. I love the textures and the crease of the wave in the foreground. Beautiful scene.

Annierita & Annisabelle on Chocolate Sunset
A good title for a beautiful photo. Annierita

Harry on Chocolate Sunset

yoshimiparis on Watching bats at dusk
wonderful. I enjoy seeing the character in this picture and I think it's even the main subject

Darkelf Photography on Watching bats at dusk
Love the silhouettes and the ambient light and tones.

kiwisa on West Lake, Hanoi
This is a wonderful photo Ann. Love the contrast between the old shack and the modern towers in the background.

Ellebasi on West Lake, Hanoi
excellent, la confrontation de deux mondes

Darkelf Photography on Dreamscape
This sure has a dreamy quality about it. Wonderful sand texture leads in before the calm water and sweeping curve of ...

Existence Artistique on Dreamscape
oh beau

omid on Dreamscape
such beautiful composition, perspective, reflections & textures! A M A Z I N G !!!!

Anne on Dreamscape
Belles textures.

Daryl Johnson on Gentle
A great portrait, well framed.

kiwisa on Flute Seller II
Yes a tight crop of the 3 figures would be great and maybe a little tweak on the contrast.

kiwisa on Flute Seller II
I thought I would like the colour more, but the b&w works well with the close proximity of the people.

omid on Gentle
Lovely smile!

omid on Flute Seller
very nice shot! Lovely!

omid on Flute Seller II
Lovely street shot !!!!!

Mireille T. on The Face of Climate Change II
Very beautiful and dramatic! Congratulations!

Existence Artistique on Flute Seller II
bel effet sur le regard de cet enfant

Daniel on The Face of Climate Change II
ominous in every sense!

Libouton Martine on Flute Seller II
Magnifique ta photo !!5*

Gérard on Flute Seller II
Better in B&W !!!

Ruthiebear on The Face of Climate Change II
Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT!

Aminus3 Discover on The Face of Climate Change II
Thanks for contributing your story to Aminus3 Discover. It has been posted here

Existence Artistique on Flute Seller

ceteceva on Flute Seller
Jolie scène de rue ! On entend la musique !

ceteceva on Gentle
Joli portrait !

ceteceva on The Face of Climate Change II
Belle composition ! Une atmosphère chargée et effrayante avec ces lourds nuages. Congratulations on your ...

ceteceva on The Face of Climate Change I
Superbe diagonale !

Gérard on The Face of Climate Change II
Congratulations on this Spotlight and this testimony on the state of the world!

kiwisa on The Face of Climate Change I
We have been glued to the news to watch this unfold, cannot believe how devastating the fires are.

kiwisa on The Face of Climate Change II
Hope you are staying safe Ann, it has been a very frightening time for the whole area. Congratulations on Spotlight.

~~~Ann~~~ on The Face of Climate Change II
So many thanks to aminus3 for the feature and for taking the time to view and comments on this photo. I was planning l ...

Dutchess on The Face of Climate Change II
Threatening!! Congratulations :-)

omid on The Face of Climate Change I
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Lovely !!!!

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